Friday, April 1, 2011

Submissions Closed!

Thank you to everyone who submitted music, and thank you to everyone who worked on a song but was unable to get it in on time.

Songs are being evaluated right now. Listening is being done blind - that is, all songs have had their filenames changed to a specific number and all ID3 tag info stripped. All of the numbers are tracked to artist name and track name. Songs are given a numerical rating by each evaluator, and those ratings are then averaged. Selection will be based on those average scores, starting from the highest score and moving down until the compilation is full. The evaluators have been rating submissions as they've come in for the past week or so, and the ratings that I have seen so far indicate that there may be a lot of ties in the upper range - that is to say that the evaluators are really enjoying your music! 

We'll show the world that free music doesn't mean low quality music; that we can give our art away for free and create a positive impact in doing so.

Kevin Stephens

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