Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Logo Designs

Alright! Here's where all of the submitted logos will be posted. I'll be posting submissions for part of today and all of the ones received by 12:00PM PST tomorrow (March 17th). Be sure to come back and vote on your favorite at that time by leaving a comment here.

Submissions by JamFlavored

Submissions by Aeroshell


  1. I like the third one.

    I was thinking about having something that combines the red disc of the Japanese flag with the red disc of a "record" button on a tape recorder.

  2. The first and the third are really the best ones.
    Maybe the third one is more peaceful.

    It's more a sign of hope maybe.

  3. Number Three appeals most to me.

  4. number 3 is my favorite, hands down!