Friday, March 25, 2011

State of the Project, Day 12 - Names, Names, Names

Yesterday's call for a donations coordinator yielded a great comment on the blog from Warfreak2. He recommended a website/service called JustGiving, and after a cursory investigation, it appears to be almost precisely what this project could use. If you have any experience with JustGiving, please comment, tweet, e-mail, use smoke signals, etc. I am still interested in having an individual coordinating the donations aspect of this project, but it seems to be a bit less urgent than before.

So, with much fanfare, I would like to announce a new competition of sorts. Please send in suggestions for naming this compilation! Right now, the name for the project - Inter-Netlabel Compilation for Japanese Relief, often shortened to Inter-Netlabel Relief for Japan - is fine for the project in general, but they're something of a mouthful. I received an e-mail that suggested that the project could use something succinct and easy to remember, something that could be easily shared. I'm not that great with naming things like this, so I've decided to take submissions and have a public vote in the same manner as the logo competition.

I've also updated the 'About' page to include all of the current evaluators and will continue to flesh it out over the course of the project.

Keep the submissions coming in - the deadline is still a ways off, but that's no reason to wait! The evaluators are busy with the music as is, but let's see if we can keep them busier!

Kevin Stephens

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