Saturday, March 26, 2011

State of the Project, Day 13 - The Search Continues

I am a bit disappointed to say that, after doing a bit of research, JustGiving does not seem to be the best route for donations. It is an easy-to-use service, and pretty much all of the money does go to charities, but they are a private for-profit company. While this is not inherently wrong, it is at odds with the philosophy of the netlabel movement and, to an extent, Creative Commons. If anyone is aware of a similar service, please send me an e-mail or post a comment here/on Facebook/tweet @internetlabel. I'm also still looking for someone who can manage the donations aspect and take charge of this entire area of the project - while I am able to do it myself (and am doing so now), I am certain that the project would benefit from having someone dedicated entirely to that aspect.

The naming competition is still on! The last day to suggest a title for the compilation itself is Monday the 28th, 12:00PM PST. Following that, voting will occur from 12:01PM PST on the same day to 12:00PM PST the following day (Tuesday the 29th). So get your suggestions in! I'll be posting all current submissions in tomorrow's State of the Project, and on Monday, I will post every one - and voting will commence! This will be followed by a two-day call for cover art submissions.

Today is the last day to submit an application to be a reviewer or masterer for the compilation. Full details are in the 'Urgent Needs' section.

I hope to see a torrent of e-mails and messages from everyone reading this. This relief effort can't happen without your involvement!

Kevin Stephens


  1. Azuwan (アズワン)Which if Google translator is right means "As One" ?

  2. Judging by its use of katakana, it looks like that word is a phonetic spelling of the English "As One" rather than the Japanese word(s) for "As One".

  3. Well, PayPal is a private for-profit enterprise, too. Any route you go, there's going to be a private company sitting between donators and the charity, that's unavoidable.

    If you choose which charity you want to raise money for, though, they can probably advise you on their preferred way of receiving donations online.